Åsa Landström 3

Active as an artist in Stockholm, raised in Luleå, and lives with my
family in Liljeholmen, south of Södermalm. I established my own firm in 1997, and the last years I have my studio at ”wip sthlm” in Årstaberg, also south of Stockholm city. Summer months I’m based at our country house in Roslagen, the northern part of the archipelago of Stockholm.I work with design and commissions of decorations in private and public settings. As well as with illustration and sculpture in technics and material like concrete, glass, painting and collage.A lot of commissions as architect followed my exam in Master of Form and Arts in Interior Design. I’ve also worked as exhibition designer. The work in the studio also contains graphic design in publishing.


Project program for Professional Artists Development at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2003–2005. Supplementary Education in Architecture at the School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2000–2001.
Master of Form and Arts at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm 1984–1989.
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